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About Redemption

•Redemption is an Alliance member-oriented adult PvE guild located on the Sen'Jin-US server established in May 2008. 

•Redemption's primary goal for its members is to have fun and to grow as players. Whether a member's goal is to level alts, raid, PvP or just quest, we support them and will support any new member who is here to enjoy the game in their own way. No member of Redemption will ever be forced to raid or take part in any game activity they do not wish to.

•Redemption is led by a guild leader and a cadre of advisors. Not every policy or decision made by the leadership of the guild will be popular, but every member's opinion will be heard and taken into account when developing or implimenting policies.  Redemption’s officers vow that we will always strive to be honest and straightforward with every member of our guild.

•Every guild member is willing to assist other members of the guild whenever possible. However, we do not power level lower toons, spoil new recruits with free loot, or tolerate beggars.  Any members caught breaking the Blizzard EULA or TOS (by another player or by Blizzard) will face consequences in-guild, up to and including removal from the guild. Redemption do not condone nor tolerate any kind of discrimination (racial, religious, homophobic) either in game or in vent. Violations of this policy will be dealt with swiftly.


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